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From our inception, VSI believes in INNOVATION


Ciprofloxacin is the most frequently used antibiotic in the world. Substandard brands of Ciprofloxacin have been identified all over the world. VSI understood the urgent need to secure the integrity of Ciprofloxacin and staying true to our spirit of innovation, using a patented Soflet technology, introduced 'CIPROTAB' to the world.

Ciprotab is the first Ciprofloxacin soflet in the world.

Key benefits:
Prevents Counterfeiting: At a very modes cost, it provides excellent security because of the complex manufacturing process and unique ‘Idometric’ mark.
Increased Consumer / patient compliance: Gelatin coating improves ease of swallowing and masks unpleasant taste.

Brand Identity:
Ensures easy recognition because of the two toned yellow and white gelatin coating thus enforcing brand identity

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