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Business Development

Obsessed to Build Partnerships that Last

We closely collaborate with partners, responsive and open-minded to understand their needs. Our Customer-Centric approach, backed by a dedicated team, helps identify and fill portfolio voids, fostering long-term relationships based on customer-driven values.

Customer-Driven Growth: Nurturing long-term partnerships

Why Partner with Us

Dedicated Intelligence Team
Our dedicated team is responsible for comprehensive market intelligence helping build strategy on product evaluation, prioritisation, positioning and market optimization. This results in successful product launch and market penetration.
In-house Formulation R&D and Analytical Development
We have an in-house Formulation R&D and Analytical Development by committed, capable and experienced team of scientists. Our team is involved not only in keeping our product pipeline robust but also in developing complex and unique formulations. They are also involved in process optimisation activities for existing formulations. Our team has developed some unique OTC products and sublingual and mouth dissolving formulations which will be commercialized globally
Building Global Partnerships
Seamless Supply Chain Management with detailed planning and monitoring of orders to ensure that customers have a secure supply of products in a time bound manner. Regular updates are available to customers from status of orders under execution, shipment schedule and timelines.
Efficient Supply Chain
We believe that strategic partnership and synergy is vital to a company's growth. Apart from being involved in ethically promoting products in various markets, we have made strategic investment in manufacturing JVs in Africa. This is our humble contribution in making these countries self-sufficient in life saving medicines. Not only are we involved in plant set-up and operations, we are also involved in skills transfer and training of locals with a view to cater to the growing demands of the continent and the government’s desire to reduce dependence in critical medicines being imported
Expertise in Regulatory Affairs
Our Regulatory Affairs team can deliver ECTD / CTD format dossiers for filing across the globe. We currently have more 100+ dossiers available and many more are under compilation. The dossiers cover various therapeutic classes with an emphasis on chronic therapies viz Cardiovascular, Central Nervous System and Endocrinology, OTC products

What to Expect

We are a one-stop destination for our partners offering services from product development to pilot batch production to dossier preparation to commercialization of product. Once the product is registered our supply chain team takes over ensuring manufacture and export of products in line with customer’s requirements.

The process is made easy for our partners as we have a dedicated point of contact for each project. We collaborate closely with our partners throughout the journey which helps us build a relationship based on trust and understanding.

Therapies at VSI

At VSI, we are driven by an unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare. Whether you aspire to elevate patient care, expand your product offerings, or foster strategic collaborations, our portfolio opens the door to transformative possibilities. Explore our products today and unlock the path to exceptional growth and success in the dynamic landscape of healthcare.
Business Development

Business Development Model(s)

We have operations with the business model(s) which aim to develop a long-standing strategic relationship with our partners. The business models through which we currently market our products are as follows
Licensing Our Products To Partners:
Under this model, we undertake a comprehensive market survey to analyze market trends both from a commercial and regulatory perspective and upon synergy with our partners, we offer them semi-finished or finished products depending on the need of markets and our partner.
Co-Marketing Through A Distributor And Promotional Agent:
Under this model, products are developed by us using Avant grande technologies and are subsequently manufactured at our facility using quality systems and processes. Products are then registered by having dossiers in our name. Our partners are then responsible for distributing and assisting us in the distribution and ethical promotion of our products under our brand name.
Dossier Development And Filing
Products Are Developed And Owned By VSI
All Products Manufactured Follow Similar Quality Standards or Both Emerging And Regulated Markets
Marketing & Distribution Network
Ethical Promotion And Marketing Of Our Products With Local Partners in Emerging Markets
Product Development And Filing
Initiated By VSI After Detailed Analysis And Executed By Our Partners Or Vsi Depending On The Mode Of Operation
Wide Range Of Formulations
Supplied In Either Finished Or Semi-Finished Form As Per Requirements Of Our Customers
Licencing Activities
Licencing Activities Are Done With Msmes And Mncs Across The Globe