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Manufacturing Excellence

Focused to Deliver Quality Products Consistently

Our OSD Manufacturing plant with Accreditations from multiple regulatory bodies is focused on delivering Quality Products at all times. All plant operations like Warehouse, Manufacturing, Packing Quality Assurance, Quality Control and plant management is driven through a validated ERP system.

Delivering quality medicines to patients in 25 countries

Manufacturing Overview

Our 6 packing lines can handle different packing requirements like blister packs (alu pvc and alu al), Strip packing and bottle pack. All lines are equipped with an on-line camera system, on-line printer, and on-line weight checker. Moreover, we also have cartonator, tamper evident labellers, track and trace machines.

Our versatile plant offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of batch sizes. Our robust QMS ensures that all processes are followed and our experienced and committed team engaged in various aspects of production are focuses on delivering quality products in a time bound manner

Our Processes

Our ability to deliver quality medicines to patients in 25 countries is built upon benchmarking manufacturing processes and ensuring continuous operational excellence. Our facility and teams is dedicated to producing high-quality output and ensuring timely supplies to our markets.

Operating in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), our facility has undergone rigorous audits by esteemed international regulatory bodies, including the EU-GMP, Health Canada, TGA Australia, NAFDAC, and other authorities worldwide.

By adhering to these strict standards and undergoing comprehensive audits, we ensure the quality and safety of our medications. With our manufacturing capabilities, we prioritize the well-being of our patients and remain committed to providing them with reliable healthcare solutions.
Erp Driven Facility
Flexibility In Production
Consistent Quality
Work-Flow Management Systems
Central Management System
Adherence To Regulatory Compliance
Annual Production Capacity
*Based on a single shift basis
Quality System

Quality Assurance

QA Head is responsible for batch release.
Defined procedures implemented by QA are in place for
VSI shall establish and maintain high standards of quality for its products, meeting cGMP norms.
VSI shall constantly update and comply with current national and international regulations as applicable and continuously strive for achieving global standards.
Continuous training shall be given to the employees in the organization to enhance their skills in performing their assigned tasks.
Products manufactured and marketed shall meet all quality parameters related to identity, purity, safety and efficacy through well-defined quality assurance and validated systems.