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Caring For Hearts, Improving Lives
VSI Brand NameMoleculeStrength of the productDosage FormPack Size
AMCANAmlodipine2.5mg,5mg,10mgTabletAlu Alu Blister
VISPIRINAspirin100mgEC TabletsAlu Alu Blister
VISPIRINAspirin300mgTabletAlu Alu Blister
AVISTORAtorvastatin10mg, 20mgTabletAlu Alu Blister
ATEVISAtenolol50mg, 100mgTabletAlu PVC Blister
LODECARCarvedilol3.125mg, 6.25mg, 12.50mgTabletAlu Alu Blister
NORPLATClopidogrel75mgTabletAlu Alu Blister
Irbesartan75mg, 150mg, 300mgTabletAlu PVC Blister
LORSIVLosartan25mg, 50mg, 100mgTabletAlu PVC Blister
LORSIV PLUSLosartan+ HCTZ50mg + 12.5mg, 100mg + 25mgTabletAlu PVC Blister
Ramipril10mgCapsuleAlu PVC Blister
TEVLARTTelmisartan20mg, 40mg, 80mgTablet3
VALARTValsartan80mg, 160mgAlu PVC Blister
Valsartan + Hydrochlorthiazide80mg + 12.5mg, 160mg + 12.5mg, 160mg +25mgTabletAlu PVC Blister
ROZATORRosuvastatin5mg, 10mgTablet3